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Welcome! Here's what we are working on.

Posted by WantedPosterStudios - December 7th, 2020

Hey! A Very tired Elick here. Until we get a PR person, or I just bug someone to run the Newgrounds account, I'm going to have to hop between my Main and WPS in the meantime. Which honestly it's fine.

So Firstly We are working on a game! Here is a fun little animation for a boss fight.


Still working on a lot of the Sprites for it. Was suppose to be for a internal 3 day game jam, but we got too ambitious with the sprite work, also Our programmer got hit with training on his new job during that time, so we just had nothing but bad luck. I was able to level up a bit animation wise, also I was able to get 2 more people trained up during it, and we have a bit of a concept going to!

Here are some of the Levels I've been working on. Trying to get some Nice Visual style going, something odd and Nightmarish, while still being silly.

If you are wondering "That looks like hell!" You'd be correct! It's the setting of our game. And our beloved Mascot will be the protagonist! Isn't that swell. It's probably going to be you standard Metroidvania with some combos placed in, we want to tweak it a bit, and be more combat focused then your Typical MetroidVania, and it's going to be a short one. If we can get things going to where the team has a bit more time on it, we might be able to get a playable demo out soon. You know, one that's not Broken, and with better visuals. Also apologies for the bad rips, I'm half awake and Probably don't have OBS setup right to get proper renders.

The plan is to release the Demo on NG (If Possible) We are making it in Unreal, which patched out their HTML5 Support (Rutty Bastards) So we will see about injecting that back in... Somehow.

We are also Making a cartoon. Hoping that will be done before Christmas, but with my schedule being the way it is, and the lack of being able to get a hold of my sound guy, and backgrounds needing to be done, probably won't be out until January. Oh well. Keep posted by following our Twitter, and of course by following us here! if we can't get the Demo on here, we will post it on Itch and make a Trailer for it, with some Animation to go with it so it's more then just a game trailer.

I'll try and be more active, but It's the holidays, and I work retail, and you know Covid is still a thing unfortunately, so my Ability to get out on time and not be dead has been less then stellar as of late...





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